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Ask questions, share your thoughts, explore ideas, find support and grow. Since 1998, we have hosted Tuesday Talks in our center each Tuesday at 5 p.m. Each week features a unique discussion group comprised of UCR students and facilitated by LGBT Resource Center staff. Topics and groups vary week-to-week. All are welcome to come.

  • The center will be closed on Tuesday evenings to all but those participating in Tuesday Talks.
  • Tuesday Talks are staff-facilitated discussion groups, not student-led organizations. For example, the QPOC Tuesday Talk group is not the same thing as the QPOC of UCR student organization.
  • Let’s Talk About Sex is the only Tuesday Talk you may attend for class credit.
Our Tuesday Talk discussion group rotation includes:


This group is for those who want to talk about the genderqueer, bisexual, pansexual, trangender, queer and questioning communities, as well as whether or not any labels connected to sexual orientation or gender identity are necessary.

See our calendar for upcoming Fluidity Tuesday Talks.

Grrrl Talk

This group is for lesbian, bisexual, and questioning women and their allies.

See our calendar for upcoming Grrr Talks.

Guy Talk

This group is for gay, bisexual, and questioning men and their allies.

See our calendar for upcoming Guy Talks.

Let's Talk About Sex!

This group is pretty self-explanatory! Students of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome to join for a frank discussion about sex and sexuality.

See our calendar for upcoming Let's Talk About Sex! Tuesday Talks.


This group is for self-identified queer people of color. Its participants explore multiple identities and the intersections of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender.

See our calendar for upcoming QPOC Tuesday Talks.

Special Tuesday Talks

Special Tuesday Talk topics that stand out from our normal rotation. These include:

Coming Out Stories

We kick off the program for the year with this theme as part of our Fall Welcome Events lineup. This special night of sharing also celebrates National Coming Out Day.

Faith Talk

This supportive discussion group is for LGBT, queer, and questioning students to explore their experiences with faith, spirituality, and organized religion. Please respect this meeting as a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community.

See our calendar for upcoming Faith Talks.

Family Talk

This group is for LGBT and queer students and their allies to share experiences connected to family. This might include coming out, acceptance and/or building better relationships.

See our calendar for upcoming Family Talks.

Additional Discussion Groups

Tuesday isn’t the only day you can talk and get support! We also have several other supportive discussion groups throughout the week. These include:


This discussion group is for same-gender-loving, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning students who identify as Black/African-American or of African descent. The group offers a space to come together and discuss community and life issues as well as shared experiences.

See our calendar for upcoming BlaqOUT discussions.
For more information, please contact Toi Thibodeaux at toi.thibodeaux@ucr.edu or 951-827-2267.


This group is for those who identify as Asian Pacific Islander and out/downe or questioning. The group creates a supportive environment where members can discuss identity and culture, meet new friends, and learn more about resources.

For more information, please contact the center!

LGBT Grad Student Hours

Our center’s meeting room is reserved weekly each quarter to provide a space for graduate students to make connections, kick back over good eats, and share resources. Sometimes food will be provided, but just in case, we recommend bringing snacks.

See our calendar for upcoming grad student hours.

Trans Group

This group is for trans, genderqueer and gender-questioning people at UCR. Please contact us for more information including time and location.

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